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Dear Prospective Parent


Thank you for your interest in our lovely school. Please allow me to give you a sense of what we have to offer.

St Peter’s School Nelspruit is one of the leading independent preparatory schools in the Lowveld, situated on a beautiful hillside in Sonheuwel. The school combines the best of traditional values with a modern and balanced approach to co-educational learning.  As a prep school our focus is on the preparation of children for life in high school (and beyond).  We admit children from the age of 3 years old and educate them in a caring environment until they leave us at the end of Grade Seven.  Our pupils are prepared for entry into senior schools of their choice in South Africa, with many of them opting to go to Penryn College or Uplands College, where I might add they are sought after.  We have an exceptional Pre-School with a balanced curriculum combined with play and lots of outdoor activities. We also offer modern aftercare facilities (ideal for working parents) where children are assisted by qualified staff to complete homework after a healthy meal which is followed by opportunities to be active in a lovely garden.  Academic success is important, our pupils are encouraged to be inquisitive and reflect on academic insight through critical thinking in the senior phase. Overall they are assisted and motivated to excel in every area of achievement; including sporting and cultural pursuits.

The school has a strong Catholic ethos and values such as respect for self and others are taught from a very young age. We allow members of other faiths provided they accept the Christian values on which the school is built. The strength of St Peter’s School Nelspruit is its family atmosphere with education seen as a partnership between pupils, staff and parents.  Our caring staff nurtures the pupils as individuals, encouraging each to become independent, creative, resourceful and confident with a strong sense of community.  Parent involvement is highly valued and when you join the school you become part of a wide group of like – minded friends. The Chapel and Convent, in the middle of the school, are unique features, which add value to our strong pastoral care.  St Peter’s School Nelspruit is affiliated to the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA) and the Catholic Institute of Education (CIE), affiliation to these bodies ensure that we are up to date with the latest trends and best practise in independent schooling in South Africa.

The school is renowned for its high academic standards and highly motivated teachers who are experts in their field’s nurture and guide pupils to be the best they can be.

Information Technology is highly valued at St Peter’s School Nelspruit and it is seen as an essential part of a modern curriculum.  Classrooms have interactive whiteboards, which promote curiosity for learning.

Grade Six pupils write the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) Core Skills Test which serves as a benchmark for our school among other independent prep schools in South Africa. Key to our unique character is the diverse nature of our curriculum.  St Peter’s offers Technical Drawing as a subject; alongside other subjects like Handwork where in the Woodwork centre, boys have the opportunity to try out their skills on different materials and Needlework where girls are taught to master many handwork techniques; including the use of sewing machines. Our medium of instruction is English first language supplemented by Afrikaans and SiSwati as first additional language.

It is the school’s philosophy to prepare pupils in a rounded educational environment. We have on campus employ a highly skilled team of occupational, remedial and speech therapists (along with other specialist teachers and a resident Psychologist) to attend to children with learning difficulties.  We offer Learning Support classes in Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and in 2015 grade 5. These cater for a small group of pupils who has been identified as having learning difficulties.  Once they are ready, the children are absorbed back into mainstream.

The school offers a large variety of sporting activities such as cross country, soccer, netball, swimming, hockey, cricket, rugby , tennis and athletics.  These are complemented by a comprehensive cultural programme which provides pupils with skills in music, choir, debating, public speaking, chess and others. We broaden their horizons through clubs and activities like gardening, ballet, beading, pottery. Whatever a pupil’s talents; it is the school’s aim to discover and develop them.

Individual growth is encouraged through a structured leadership development programme which caters for all pupils in Grade Seven.  The programme targets all areas of leadership and assists pupils in their development, and this is done under the care and guidance of designated tutors.  Leadership skills are acquired at a leadership camp organised early in the year for Grade Seven pupils and, in order to enhance these skills, the school has a tutor group system in place and operates an outreach programme throughout the year. St Peter’s School Nelspruit has a proud status of having well-disciplined and polite pupils with an eagerness to live up the Franciscan Sisters of the immaculate conception’s approach of embracing and serving all people. We offer a diverse environment reflecting our democracy. These are all encapsulated in our Children’s Charter.

You are most warmly invited to come and see us in action during office hours (07:30 – 15:30), Monday to Friday.

We truly aim to live up to our promise of laying the foundation for a brighter future.

Thank you and I look forward to welcoming you to our school.







Mr Jacques Janse van Rensburg


To God be the Glory

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